Welcome to our website, home of the award winning Shannon Express Chorus

We are a group of male singers based in Potton, Bedfordshire. Currently we have about forty five members of all ages, mostly amateur singers drawn from the local area with a significant number travelling from different parts of the region.

We sing as a chorus, in four parts (bass, lead, tenor and baritone) in what originated as the barbershop singing style. We are members and keen supporters of the British Association of Barbershop Singers. Nowadays our style of music is more widely known as ‘a cappella’ or four part close harmony singing and the days of striped waistcoats and straw boaters have long since gone! Our music is slick, harmonious and thoroughly entertaining – both for us and for our audiences.

We meet every week to rehearse and sing for our own pleasure and we take part in competitions and public performances throughout the year. Our repertoire is rich and varied, encompassing the roots of barbershop music, sentimental lullabies and stirring upbeat numbers. Timeless classics, hits from the musical theatre and modern standards all have their place.

Please take some time to look around our website which has full information about how to join us, how to arrange for us to sing for you and more importantly, why we love to sing.

Enjoy, we do!

 07342 249248


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