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Did you know that most people will tell you they can't sing? Did you know that statistically most of them are wrong?

You don't even need to be able to read music.  All you need is to be male and to have the courage to take that first step to give it a go and find out just what you are capable of.

We will tailor your intorduction to singing to suit you whether you are an experienced singer or a complete novice.

You will be given training and support to help you with your posture, your breathing, sound generation and projection.  The club will provide you with all the material you need to learn your first song and dip your toe into the enjoyable and rewarding world of a capella singing.  What's more - you won't pay a penny until such time as you have passed your private audition and become a member of the club.

To a man all the members of Shannon express wish that they had taken that first step earlier than they actually did. 

We rehearse on  Thursday evenings at Potton Lower,  via Burgoyne Middle School entrance, Mill Lane, Potton, Bedfordshire SG19 2PG.  Doors open at 19:00 and we wrap up around 22:15.  You can just drop in for all or part of the evening and will be most welcome though if you are able to contact us first then we can make sure you get the most out of your visit.  Bring a friend or your better half - they are most welcome too.

Drop us an email via Contact Us or alternatively ring Paul Browne on 07848 972689.

What have you got to lose?  What is one night in a lifetime?

Now Ladies, if you are reading this then there are two things you should know;

1.  We know that he probably won't come unless you give him a nudge so don't be shy about contacting us yourselves to ask any questions.

2.  If you are thinking of giving singing a go check out our sister chorus Phoenix at

We look forward to seeing you.