Youth Members

Shannon Express welcomes junior members and is proud to have a growing youth stream.

We could list hundreds of benefits that young people will get from singing but in all honesty they are exactly the same whether you are ten or one hundred and rather than repeat them have a look under the 'Why Would I Want to Sing? section.

There are some important things to note that are specific to younger members which are as follows;

  • We tailor the weekly programme so that younger members can finish rehearsals at 21:00 (if they wish to stay on they can) and still get to experience all the best bits.
  • The chorus environment and the broader world of barbershop singing is family friendly.
  • We have members responsible for overseeing the youth stream that have undergone full DBS disclosure.
  • We have a youth policy, a copy of which is available on request.
  • The membership rates for younger members are heavily discounted and include the provision of all stage wear.
  • A parent or responsible adult is required to accompany junior members at performances and on functions.

We would be happy to discuss junior membership with you and answer any questions that you may have.  Please use the link on the Contact Us page. If you give us your phone number we will ring you or alternatively you can call Paul on 07848 972689.