Community Spirit

Since its very early days there has been a strong sense of community spirit within the chorus.

In addition to supporting local events, each year we nominate a particular charity and offer our services completely free of charge. In 2016 we decided to extend this and we performed charity concerts for two organisations, East Beds Youth Chorus and Cardiac Friends.

A singing hotspot! We are blessed with several singing groups in Potton and we have held joint concerts, notably with our sister chorus, Phoenix Chorus and various youth choirs. As well as enjoyment for singers and audiences alike, it is a way of bringing the community together and singing the praises of our great hobby – literally!

Singing is our main interest but being a sociable lot, many members are involved in a variety of other activities. We have Shannon Strollers, Shannon Express Car Club, Shannon Express Golf Club and more besides.

Last but not least, we have the Shannon Supporters Group of wives, partners, girlfriends and friends who do a wonderful job organising social events, raising funds for club activities and just being there.

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