Membership fees are currently £25 per month, charged on a monthly basis and are greatly reduced for junior and student members.  You should know that you will not be expected to pay a penny for anything until such time as you pass your audition and become a singing memeber of the chorus.  All of the training material and music that you have up to then is complimentary.

It should also be said that as a club we do expect a reasonable level of commitment from our members in terms of learning songs at home in preparation for rehearsal and attending regularly.  The reason we say this is because we are always updating our songs or working towards the next concert,  CD recording or indeed Convention - our annual competition.  To get the most out the hobby and for the chorus to perform at its best frequent attendance is a must.  Once you have rung your first chord and been bitten by teh bug - you'll find it all falls into place anyway.

Membership includes;

  • Hire of rehearsal venue
  • All music, teach tracks and learning materials (made available under license)
  • Heavily subsidised stage and club wear
  • Membership of the British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS)
  • Membership of Potton CIU Social Club (our after rehearsal haunt)
  • Access to some fantastic coaching. As well as all our in house skillswe have had coaches from the UK male champion chorus', the UK ladies champion chorus', the international champion chorus as well as coaches who are notable music arrangers, directors and quartetors both from the UK and across the pond.
  • Read All About It - our in house magazine.
  • Access to Groupanizer which is the chorus management tool that lives behind our website in the mebers area.  This is the place where you will find all our music, teach tracks, diary and many other toys and gizmos.


What else goes on in the club?

There are a number of  alternative activities associated with becoming a singing member of Shannon Express some to whet your appetite;

  • Shannon Strollers - fancy a yomp through the countryside followed by a pub lunch?  Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your dogs, come one come all. 
  • Shannon Express Golf Society (SEGS) - join our keen band of golfers for a friendly round or tournament.  As ever, you can bring family and friends.
  • Shannon Classic Car Club - you don't need to own one, you can hitch a ride in one of the cars and go for a Sunday drive or head off to a classic car rally.
  • Fishing - there are a number of keen fishermen amongst the ranks who are always up for a days fishing or a match.
  • Quarteting - want to try your hand at quartet singing?  Well then you are in the right place.
  • Involve your family or friends - if not as singers then there is the Shannon Supporters club who raise money to support the club in it's endeavours and to provide funds for various things such as coach hire for special trips, new stage wear, christmas parties, equipment to name but a few.
  • The 200 club - our weekly drawn in house lottery.
  • There are jobs that support the running of the club - the music team, performance team, wardrobe team, the executive, riser teams, driver teams, ticket sales, promotion, travel and accomodation co-ordination.  Just typing this list gave me a tingle - it made me realise what a fantastically well organised club we are - we may be amateurs but what we do we do very well.
  • There is also of course that priceless thing - friendship and cameraderie.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

You could stay at home and watch the telly, have a kip perhaps or you could come singing,  catch the buzz and enjoy the craic. Come on - you know you wanna!